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How Do I Improve My Marriage? Top Five Words to Focus On

2013 June 22
improve my marriage

Improve my marriage

If you want to improve your marriage, we recommend re-committing yourself to these five words:  

1)    Pray – Talking to God about your marriage is essential. Prayer can change situations, soften hearts, and help us gain God’s wisdom.  Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage.Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage. Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage.

2)    Listen – Take the time to really hear what your husband/wife is saying.  Don’t assume that you know exactly how he/she is feeling or what they’re going to say. If you want to improve your marriage and grow closer to your spouse, take time to listen.

3)    Compliment – We all need encouragement. Make a habit of saying nice things to your spouse and complimenting him/her in front of others. Staying focused on this one simple word can radically transform your marriage.

4)    Respect – Healthy marriages have high levels of respect.  Both husbands and wives need to know that their opinions are valued and the good things that they do are appreciated.

5)  Serve – If you really want to improve your marriage find as many ways as possible to serve your husband/wife.  Marriages thrive when both individuals are willing to do things to make their spouse’s life better without being asked.

Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage.Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage.Improve my marriage.  Improve your marriage.


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